Deni / Reese Litter New Homes

I Love All My Puppies New Homes...Each And Every One Of Them Give Their New Addition All The Love, Attention, And Security That I Could Ever Hope For.  Thank You All For Loving And Caring For These Babies

Mary is now with her new family

Russ, Saskia, and Russ Gaiser


her new name is


" Sadie Grace "


DC's Country Girl

Watch For Sadie In The Ring

Sadie is also working on her Service Dog Training


is with his new family

Tracy Seeber

and Greg Rudes

Who have been part of the

DC Boxer Family

for 10 years


Is Still


" Prince "

Is owned and Loved by

Debbie Gagnon

Cove's Edge Boxers

Watch for Prince

In The Ring

Jerry is now

"Prince "

DC's Purple Reign At Cove's Edge


is owned and loved by

Susan & Kevin Blake

Eleanor will be in training as a

Service Dog

Tara is now

"Eleanor Grace"

DC's Eleanor Grace Von Burkely Blake


is now


Tori lives with the Sam Narins Family who has been in the

DC Boxer Family

for 11 years

She is cuddling with Layla who is

one of Lucy's Puppies


Is Now


DC's That's What I Love About You

Owned and Loved by My Very Good Friends Kim and Dave Reimers who have been in the

DC Boxer Family

For 12 Years.

Watch for Abby in the Ring