Alex is enjoying his new home with Bonnie and Peggy at Medley Small and Margaret  Ashman's home in Ontario, Canada
Krisy is in her new home with Raphael Jameson and Allison Mitchell.. Krisy will be sharing their home with Ali, one of Lucy's puppies.

Her new name is


Watch for Bella in the Conformation Ring

Ricco is in his new home with Gary and Cheryl Johnson in Ontario, Canada.

Ricco will be sharing his new home with Holly ( she is viewed in the background ).  He will keep the name


Mickey is in his new home with Cassie Renner and Nathan Crawford in Clinton, Ontario Canada.  Mickey's new name is


LD is in his new home with Ryan, Shannon, Ryan Jr. and Keegan McNichol in Lancaster, NY

LD's new name is


Eri is in her new home with Julie and Tom Barry in Kingston, MA

Eri's new name is